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Noria is the only new rental apartment project in the heart of the famous borough of Saint-Laurent. Intimate and distinctive, this private complex offers residents beautiful common areas for their enjoyment. Featuring glass-enclosed outdoor balconies, our bright apartments offer stunning views of this vibrant neighbourhood or its beautiful inner courtyard with lush vegetation and a central pool. Indoor and outdoor parking is also available, depending on your needs. Noria simply offers the best of both worlds – all the essentials of condo life and the flexibility of a rental.

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Since 1996, Kevlar has been hard at work building the future. None of our projects are developed for the present day; each is conceived and designed with an eye to the future, so every single one is a timeless and bold achievement.

The Kevlar signature is synonymous with success and its reputation is a testament to that. Through its passion, keen business acumen and thirst for innovation, Kevlar breathes new vitality into each and every project. There is no limit to what ambition, meticulousness and insight can inspire, foster and create.

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